Recently I completed a popular 5k run! I have always wanted to complete the 5k on my feet so after years of longing to make it a reality, I did it – I hired the RaceRunner for the event.  I was under false pretences however – not knowing how hard it would be to organise everyone! I
have always wanted to do a run like that on my feet….this was it!

I had hired a RaceRunner from Gloucester (RaceRunning Dragons) and bought it down to Bristol to complete the run.

Things like this are never simple when carers, large distances and logistics of fitting/lifting the RaceRunner in cars/flats etc. are involved.

The week before the run I was really worried about this and frankly thought that it wasn’t going to
happen – I don’t give up that easily and my carer on Saturday (the day before the run) was so willing me to do it that we drove up to Gloucester not knowing if it would fit in her car.  I had to
organise getting someone to be at the track to hand over the RaceRunner too!  

It was a stressful time not knowing if my goal would happen.  Fortunately all my planning (although it didn’t happen the way I would have liked) worked out for the better and I completed the run in 2 hours 40 minutes!! Not a bad outcome considering that it was on grass and it was my first run on my feet! I’m really thankful to all who supported and helped me do this!

2 hours 40 minutes was my first attempt at the 5k and that can act as a base line to improve on for future runs!

As an aside from that I would just like to update people on my walking. I really cannot believe
how far I have come in the past year.  I found RaceRunning in June 2018 which confirmed I could walk.  In April 2019 I had my first physio appointment and after a few demonstrations of walkers, I think I have found the right one for me! Hopefully it will be with me before Christmas.

RaceRunning Dragons (Gloucester):   Tel:  01452 874080


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