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Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins

Governor of The Milestone School

Kate worked in special education for 35 years in special and mainstream schools, in day and residential provision, and in both further and higher education. She established the first post-16 provision for pupils with severe learning difficulties in further education in the county.

Kate has been involved with The Milestone School since it opened. She chaired the Shadowing Governing Body when the Hawthorns, Longford and Chamwell schools amalgamated to form The Milestone School, and when Milestone opened she became Chair of Governors for the new school for its first 12 years.

Having seen the school grow and flourish, Kate has a very real desire to be involved in the next amazing stage of its development and feels that the Chamwell Centre facilities will greatly enrich the lives of children at the school as well as providing a valuable county resource for disability.

As a Chamwell trustee, Kate is enthusiastic about the project and the opportunities it will offer, not only to the pupils and their families at school but to all the young people and adults throughout Gloucestershire who will have access to and benefit from all that this new facility will offer.

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